WHY STAGE? 1st Impressions are lasting impressions! A buyer’s 1st impression when viewing a property is the single, most important factor in whether or not they make an offer, and whether that offer will be close to asking price. My staged homes sell in an average of only 14 days for up to 6% above asking price!
Home Staging doesn’t cost a seller, in fact the decision not to stage is where sellers may actually pay the price. They lose in online views, they lose at the negotiating table, and can lose in the offering price when buyers think they’ll have to pay for upgrades. More than 92% of all buyers preview homes online, so how your home appears in photos is the 1st impression. Your home is your most valuable investment and you want to keep more equity in your home. Home staging is one of the smartest investments you can make. An investment in staging is less than a price reduction!


Consultation: To help prepare your home for sale, I will provide professional advice on how to showcase your home's best features, reduce clutter, re-position your furniture and strategically place other items.  This is perfect for the "do-it-yourself" seller. Cost: $100/hour. A typical consultation takes 1-3 hours.

Vacant Staging: Empty homes tend to sit on the market longer than staged homes. When there is no furniture showcasing the room, the small flaws and less desirable traits stand out as the buyer walks through your home. Why take a chance losing a sale to a few minor details? Most potential buyers have trouble visualizing how the space can be used. We create a look that helps them fall in love with the home and imagine themselves living there. My team will provide full service staging of vacant homes using my extensive inventory of furniture and accessories. We take empty rooms and showcase the interior, addressing focal points, function, continuity, color, lighting, theme and flow. Well staged homes with great MLS photos generate more interest from buyers, giving them an incentive to visit the home and make an offer! Call us for a no-cost bid.

Occupied Staging: My professional team will stage using your existing furnishings and accessories or a combination of your furnishings and my staging accessories. If you are living in your home while it’s on the market, we can help showcase your home by addressing function, focal points, color and flow. This will make for great MLS photos and help potential buyers visualize themselves living there. Cost: $150/hour. A typical home takes about six hours, but every home is different.

New Move-In Staging:  Moving into your new home and not sure how to place your furniture and art?  I provide consultations for home buyers who want to start out in their new home with the perfect placement of their furnishings. Cost: $150/hour. A typical home takes 1-3 hours.

Room Redesign:  Not selling but  just want to add new fresh look to your home? A room makeover might be just what you need. I can create a plan, using your existing furnishings and accessories that will transform your surroundings and give them a whole new personality. After the makeover, you will feel like you have just moved into a brand new home. Cost: $150/hour. A typical home takes 2-4 hours.